Name : Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories 11th Annual Convention
Date : September 23rd, 2014 8:00 am
Location : Crowne Plaza


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WebLIS Lite

WebLIS Lite is an interface application to analyzer with purpose mainly for getting the results and printing it with the laboratory desired format. It has tools such as:


  • Multiple uni-directional interface with analyzers
  • Editing/Checking of Results
  • Test Results Releasing
  • Reports Generation
  • Administrators for system parameters and configuration


WebLIS Lite has provisions for:


  • Test Result Online Viewing and Download
  • Auto-Sending of test results to Email


WebLIS Lite Advantages


  • Ease of Use ensures that users even non-technical can immediately adapt to the system. Using WebLIS Lite is simple as browsing the internet because its access is through internet browser
  • Only one WebLIS Lite is required for multiple analyzer connections even located on multiple branches
  • Affordable Price. WebLIS Lite saves on hardware cost because one server can handle up to 20 analyzers
  • Proven Interoperability with different diagnostic analyzers is ensured through the availability of open interfaces
  • Rich in Reports generation either auto-generated by the system or by-demand of the users
  • Local Maintenance Support ensures the availability of the system most of the time
  • Quick Implementation and Upgrade is one advantage of WebLIS Lite because it's web-based.


Technical Specification

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Database: mySSQL
  • Server: 1 Industrial-Grade server
  • Interface: LIS 1 & 2